Time to Weed Our Own Garden of Life

There are many types of gardens:  flower, herb, fruit, vegetable, butterfly, container, organic, to name a few.  A well cared for garden is beautiful to look at.  The beauty of the garden does not reflect all the behind-the-scenes hard work such as weeding, mulching, and watering.  The non-valued items are eliminated in order to enjoy the true beauty. Is it time to weed our own garden of life?

There are many reasons to control the weeds in our garden.  Weeds are unsightly and they can interfere with the harvest or flowers in bloom. Weeds rob the potential from any crop both in the quality and quantity.

Do you have any weeds growing in your garden of life?  These disturbances grow and thrive. They can be distracting and rob us of health and fitness. They are invasive and compete for our time and energy. 

Unhealthy Weeds/Habits

Unhealthy habits can be the weeds in our lives.  They can be detrimental and interfere with our goals.  What unwanted habits are robbing you of your dreams and desires? It might be time to step back, look at the non-valued habits that need to be eliminated. Examples might be drinking sugary drinks or not getting enough sleep.

If we want to make permanent change in our lives, we must put in the hard work. We must spend time pulling those weeds out.  Willpower or wishing for better health/fitness won’t get us there.   Sometimes we eliminate them, but they are still right below the surface ready to grow back.  We must take them out at the roots, we must be intentional about pulling our weeds to leave room for healthier habits.

We don’t have to do this alone. Fitness Life By Design is here for support when it is time to weed our own garden of life.

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