Define Your Goals Now before You Can Reach Them

Let’s talk about health and fitness goals.   One of Stephen Covey’s habits in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is to “begin with the end in mind”.  One must know where they are going so they know what path to take. It is important to define your goals now before you can reach them. 

Start by setting a goal.  The important part of this step is setting a goal that matters to you. This can often feel like the hardest part of the process.  So, it’s imperative you give this some thought.  A coach can help you set a goal that is realistic, then break it down into daily and weekly actions.  It’s the small changes taken each day that matter. These small steps build over time creating strong, healthy habits.

A person might want to lose 10 pounds. But, since one can’t control that number on the scale, they might adjust their goal to another measure.  One example might be they want a favorite pair of pants to fit a certain way. 

I work some clients who initially say they want to “lose 10 pounds”.  After some clarity their focus shifts.  They want to make an investment in themselves and are motivated by their “why” statements:

  • Want to feel better
  • Be in better shape
  • Have more energy
  • Feel more confident
  • Redefine body composition

These “why” statements help to define and support their health and fitness goals.  What “why” statement would you add to the list?

Defining your “why” and goals helps you (at the beginning of every day) to picture what you are working towards.  By keeping the end in mind, you can be intentional about the actions you choose to take that day.

Define your goals now before you can reach them.

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