Why Do I Need A Class About Fitness Life Now?

Fitness Life can mean something different to each person.  People have a variety of definitions on the degree of fitness and what elements are included when you hear the word fitness.  Fitness Life By Design believes in balanced living. Balance means there are different elements working together to keep us steady and on track. The proportions of the elements are always changing depending on what we are doing.  So, the question remains. Why do I need a class about fitness life?

We use a variety of support as we navigate life. Think of the Doctor, lawn care, car service, CPA’s, babysitters, etc. that we rely on.  There is also support for your fitness lifestyle.  Because we are individuals, support looks different for each of us. Coaching is based on our needs.

The on-line self-guided class helps to clarify one’s needs and goals.  Once you reach out and obtain the class password, you can work on the sections within the 5 Chapters at your own pace.

Class About Fitness Life Outline

The Fitness Life journey includes three pillars.  They are exercise and fitness, healthy eating, and self-reflection.  Some of the class sessions include:

  • Determining your “why” to improve your fitness journey
  • Clarifying goals and values
  • Developing habits for your fitness life
  • Creating muscle memory
  • Supporting yourself through self-talk and grace
  • Designing small successful steps
  • Keeping motivated
  • Building a weekly menu
  • Committing to walking/exercise
  • Continuing the journey

In addition to the class, there is coaching and accountability sessions with an individual plan based on what success looks like to you.  It is designed for those of us who want to remain healthy and active as the years fly by. 

Fitness, life coaching, and supporting others as they travel along life’s path is my passion.  I hope you will join me and a class about fitness life in the pursuit a healthy lifestyle.  I am a gal who strives to live my fitness age rather than my chronological age.

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