Sustainability is the Avenue to Success

Sustainability is the ability to maintain at a certain rate or level over the long term. The continuous actions taken helps to achieve the intended healthy outcome.  Sustainability is the avenue to success.

One of the main benefits of sustainability is the positive impact it has on the ensuing days.  Effort and energy now can maximize well-being in the future. This ultimately can lead to healthy living.

“I will to take a walk every day till I am 100 or older.”  This means that the habit of taking a daily walk is developed now.  One walk every one to two weeks does not develop the muscle memory of sustaining a daily walk.  The integration of sustainable practices are obtained by making them a core part of a daily routine.  Being healthy and active in the future means taking part in healthy and active habits today.

Adversity is always near and can hinder any effort.  It is easy to slip back into old habits and routines.  “Mayham” is near and eager to derail the path to the desired target.  Being intentional about sustaining daily actions can hinder “Mayham”. 

Make Routines Sustainable

  • Create a daily ritual-walk at the same time daily. Walk in the morning right after coffee.
  • Schedule it on your calendar-treat it as any important appointment.
  • Make it social -walk with friends and neighbors.
  • Pair it with something special- listen to a podcast, book on tape, or music.
  • Work with a coach-for support, guidance, and accountability
  • Prioritize selfcare-get up earlier on certain days to walk before an event.

Sustainability is the avenue to success for the future.  As people become more conscious about the impact today has on their future, it is essential to prioritize certain practices to remain healthy and vibrant.  What habits do you want to sustain?

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