Failures are Some of Our Greatest Forms of Feedback

Failure might be too strong of a word, but the concept is still on track.  Feedback is a good thing.  Our challenges, lack of success, or frustrations can be a great source of information. Without guidance, there is a lack of confirmation on the outcome.  Feedback is a key component in processing and evaluating effectiveness.  Failures are some of our greatest forms of feedback.

Information promotes personal growth.  It can provide guidance so one can change to improve goals and results. This can be very motivating.  Think of one of your favorite sports team.  Critique and guidance from coaches reinforce behaviors that can impact growth and improve performance. Continued feedback and learning is the key to improving.

There are consequences for lack of feedback. It can lead to poor performance, lack of productivity, and inaccurate perceptions on one’s actions.

Think of a child learning in school. A teacher would not let a child learn that 2+2=5.  That would be neglectful.  Instead, the teacher would intervene early.  They would demonstrate and teach the process to obtain the correct answer. 

Without necessary feedback, one might assume their behavior or progress is appropriate because that is all they know. If ineffective actions continue, they can create unproductive habits and routines. Feedback can improve performance.  These comments are sometimes mistaken for criticism.  The critique that can be viewed as negative can really be constructive feedback. Information is provided to improve and increase performance.

Importance of Feedback

Outside advise is important and can create positive change.  It helps one to know they are on track and headed in the right direction.  Here are five examples of benefits from constructive feedback.

  • Improved performance
  • Confirmed techniques
  • Diminished confusion
  • Increased engagement
  • Adjusted goals

Coaches and mentors are necessary because their input provides value.  They teach and help us to perform at higher levels.  Personal challenges or failures are some of our greatest forms of feedback.

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