Focus on Strength and Power with Bodyweight Exercises

Any exercise is beneficial. Bodyweight exercises use an individual’s own weight to provide resistance.  These exercises can enhance strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.  Focus on strength and power with bodyweight exercises. 

Bodyweight resistance training is effective and helps to build muscle without lifting weights.  No need to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment. The exercises can be done laying down, sitting, or standing.  I was outside in line recently and did 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises while waiting (toe raises, squats, arm curls).

Many bodyweight exercises work on multiple muscles at once instead of working only an isolated muscle. Think of a push up, you can strengthening your arms, core, legs, and back at the same time. They are functional exercises and build strength for everyday activities. You can modify exercise to meet your fitness level.  Push-ups, as an example, can be done on the counter, your knees, or your feet.

Common Bodyweight Exercises

In addition to the pushup, here are six other common bodyweight exercises.

  • Squat-from a standing position with your knees slightly bent and your feet should-width apart, bend you knees and sink your bottom back until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Jumping jacks-jump to move your arms and legs straight out from your sides and back.
  • Bicycle crunch-lie on the floor with head and shoulders off the ground and hands placed on either side of head. Lift one knee to your chest to meet the opposite elbow while twisting at the waist.
  • Burbee-stand, then crouch and place your hands down like you are doing a push up. Kick you legs back then complete one push-up. Jump back up to the standing position.
  • Mountain climbers-from a push-up position, move your left knee up toward your left elbow. Return to starting position and repeat quickly on opposite side.
  • Bear crawl-in a crawling position on our hands and toes, crawl forward 4 times, keeping your form and then move back to the starting position. As you crawl forward and back, the only points of contact to the floor are your hands and toes.

You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere. No gym membership or expensive equipment needed.  A coach can help you focus on strength and power with bodyweight exercises.

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