It is Natural to Stay on Auto Pilot When Starting a New Exercise Plan

Do you have exercise plans for your day and then when the time comes, it is harder than you thought to get started? You are not alone.  It is human nature to resist change. It is natural to stay on auto pilot when starting a new exercise plan.

I was talking with one of my clients and she said she scheduled time on her calendar as a reminder to do her walking.  When the time came however, she said she struggled with taking the initiative to get up and go.  This is normal, she is doing what many of us do by staying with our current and familiar routines.

Be deliberate about your exercise instead of leaving it to chance.  Pick an exercise routine that interests you.  If you do not like to run, then don’t choose it.  If you love dancing, then choose dancing.

Time is also an element to consider. Getting off auto pilot or changing previous habits can take many trials.  Knowing you have a fresh start every day is encouraging. Trying again and again is the road to success. It is the way to change your current habits.

The way you think about being active also plays a big role in your success.  Having the mindset that you MUST do something is very different then thinking that you CHOOSE or GET to include exercise in your daily routine. Choice reminds us that we are in charge, and we want to make these changes.

Developing a personal roadmap can help you be deliberate since it is natural to stay on auto pilot when starting a new exercise plan.  The roadmap is a course of action that can assist in the transition from present to future.  If you are not where you want to be with your exercise routine, changing your auto pilot will help!

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