One Example of a Circuit Workout Session

We were on an Alice Adventure (our Sprinter Van) recently and I wanted to get in some strength training before our hiking for the day began.  You can do a circuit workout session with or without weights, so it is a great workout when home or away and when indoors or out. It was a chilly, crisp day without much wind, and an ideal morning to be outdoors.

I decided on 4 different activities and began my circuit training.  Circuit training is when you alternate among exercises that target different muscle groups.  I completed each of my 4 exercises and repeated my circuit 5 times.  This session took me around 45 minutes.

Circuit Example:

  • 1/3 mile run- run at a faster pace than 5K pace- working on cardio
  • Alternate Leg Lunges-holding a 10 lb weight in each hand, lunge forward and then back on right leg.  Repeat on left leg.  Aim for correct form over speed. Do 15 each leg per set.
  • Push up and Burpees-to raise your heart rate.  Do 10 each set. I did my pushups from my knees.
  • Deadlift, bicep curl, shoulder press- workout for the upper body with a 10 lb. weight in each hand. Concentrate on form, engaging your abs, and slow, precise movements. Do 15 reps for each set.
Push Up and Burpees
Dead Lift, Bicep Curl, Shoulder Press

Alternate Leg Lunges

This is just one example of a circuit training session.  I like this type of training because of the variety.  I can choose many different exercises, the number of repetitions and can change the circuits during the session.

This circuit workout session met my needs.  As you begin to incorporate circuit training, the key is to begin slowly with fewer reps and lighter weights.  If you are looking for specifics, I am happy to talk with you and coach you on your road to success!

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