6 Ways to Make Exercise Part of Your Habit

Most of us have started a new exercise routine or have good intentions to start and maintain one.  Then, before we develop this routine, regular life sneaks back in and the dream of a new habit is gone.  Sometimes we get stuck in this loop and the cycle repeats itself.  There is a way out!  Here are 6 ways to make exercise part of your habit.

6 Ways to Make Exercise Part of your Weekly Habit:

  • Dedicate time for exercising.  Wake up earlier or commit time at the end of the day.  Many say they can’t find the time to exercise.  Their day is full and there is no extra time.  Dedicating a specific time is the key which can be at the beginning or end of your day.  
  • Find your activity, pick something that you will look forward to and that you enjoy doing. Avoid activities that feel like a chore. Make it fun and try new things.
  • Find an accountability partner, seek out an exercise buddy, someone you like being with.  Help each other be consistent and stay on track.
  • Look for activities, trails or gyms that are close to home, make it convenient.
  • Hire a trainer to develop a plan.
  • Schedule time, put exercise time on your calendar like you do to other important appointments.  Use your calendar to track your consistency and achievements.

Pick one of the 6 ways to make exercise part of your habit.  Picking all of them is a recipe for disaster, that would be too many changes at one time.  Incorporating one at a time can help you to make exercise a part of your life.

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