Releasing Mindset Blocks Gives Us the Opportunity to Grow

Do you find yourself in an unproductive loop?  What I mean by this is does your mind repeatedly tell yourself what you can’t do based on your history?  Are old fears holding you back and preventing you from acting on something you might want to try?  If we change our mindsets and rewrite our playbook, we can be free from past beliefs.  Releasing mindset blocks gives us the opportunity to grow.

What mindset blocks are holding you back?  What old beliefs do you continue to hold on to?  A good practice is to question some of your old beliefs or fears.

Question your mindset blocks:

  • Pick a belief that is holding you back
  • Question that belief, where did it come from?
  • Call it out, why do you hold on to it?
  • Replace it with a new belief, free yourself from the old thoughts
  • Come up with an action that you CAN take; a step that will help move you forward


I was not good at spelling in school. This “not a good” speller stayed with me throughout college. When I did my student teaching a 2nd grade student corrected my spelling. I seemed to always get my vowels wrong.  As an adult, when someone asked how to spell a word, I would always say, “don’t ask me, I am not good at spelling.” By saying this out loud and believing it, I was reinforcing my unproductive loop that I can’t spell.   

In this example, I replaced an old belief with a new one. I stopped telling myself that I was a terrible speller and letting my past define my future. The action I took was spending time reading about vowel combinations and basic spelling rules. Today, I am more confident about my spelling!

This process can help address mindset blocks in several areas of our lives including fitness, nutrition, finance, routines and even spelling.  Releasing mindset blocks gives us the opportunity to grow.

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