Encouraging and Supporting Others


We had the wonderful opportunity to watch TEAM USA Women’s Slow Pitch Softball Border Battle XI Tournament this past weekend against Canada.  It was located in Midland, Michigan, which is 12 hours from our home. This is the team that would represent the USA at the Olympics Games if slow pitch softball was an olympic sport. They were a great example of encouraging and supporting others.

The experience was wonderful.  The women on the team are amazing athletes.  They are such experts with their skills that they make their fielding and hitting look so easy.

We were so impressed with their athletic abilities.   Equally impressive was their support of each other.

Encouraging Others

Here is a team of TOP NOTCH athletes from across the United States.  They have not grown up together nor had many years of playing together.  They are really after the same goal and that is to compete at the highest level.  What impressed us most is the way they supported each other.  They were there for each other no matter what.  If someone hit a home run, they were there. When someone threw the ball a little off target, they were there for support and encouragement.  If a teammate ran the bases for another, they were proud of their job and how they could support the team.  If it was their inning to sit the bench, they had pride with cheering on their team from the dugout.

Scientific Benefits

Supporting and helping others seems to do more for the giver then the recipient.  Studies indicated that helping and encouraging others increases your happiness, heath and well-being.  Some of the other scientific benefits for people are you:

  • live longer
  • have a happier and improved sense of well-being
  • have lower blood pressure
  • are a role model for others
  • have sense of purpose

Watching the team was a wonderful experience for many reasons:

  • We were able to be a watch and support TEAM USA- a group of women and amazing athletes
  • Did I mention that our daughter-in-law is a member of this team?  We were so lucky to be there with her.
  • Watching this team in action reminded us of the important values of encouraging and supporting others.

We were gone a little over 48 hours and drove 24 of them.  The experience was well worth the trip!  Go TEAM USA. What a GREAT example of encouraging and supporting others.

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