The Benefits of Practice

Practice makes perfect

Our granddaughter plays the violin.  She started learning 2 years ago in school and it is wonderful to hear her growth and development at school concerts.  It is a great time to celebrate her learning and improved playing. She sees the benefits of practice.

In addition to school and concerts, she practices almost every day.  She plays her pieces over and over until she is very comfortable with them, until she knows them like the back of her hand.

That is the benefit of practice. Practice helps us get better at something. 

Think back to when you or a family member learned the alphabet.  The ABC song was sung over and over.  You really did not know what you were singing.  You just knew that everyone clapped and had you say it repeatedly.

Of course, now you can say the letters without thinking about them.  Habits are developed by practicing so much that they become part of us.  We do not have to think about them, they just come naturally.

Developing new habits is uncomfortable

I have dear friends who used this summer to practice their new school routine.  Mark is on a flex schedule at work and since he is a night owl, he goes into work later and works later in the day. 

This has been Mark’s habit. 

Beth works for a school district and has set hours that match the schools she supports.  Because of their children’s’ school schedule, someone has to be home early to pick them up at the end of the day.  This would be Mark’s responsibility.

So, Beth and Mark used this summer to practice the new routine.  This shifted both of their schedules into unfamiliar territory.  It was uncomfortable to them for a while. 

They are happy to announce that with school just around the corner that their practice has paid off and they are now more comfortable with their new routines.

Perseverance pays off

This story might be similar to yours as you develop new routines and habits.  At first, it will be uncomfortable, maybe miserable, and you will want to revert back to your old routines and comfort zone.  Persevere my friend.   Forge on into unchartered waters. Think of Mark as he changed his morning routine by over 2 hours.  

You can do this.

You’ve got this! 

You too can learn to play the violin (or develop a new morning routine, or learn how to plan healthy meals).  All you have to do is practice and then practice some more.

I know you can do this if you set your mind to it. I believe in you and the benefits of practice.

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