Predictability Increases Trust in Relationships

What can I do to be more trustworthy?  To be more authentic and dependable with others? I want to be the person others trust and come to in time of need.  What can I do to improve myself as a person and become more predictable?  I believe that predictability increases trust. 

How do you view trust?  Are you the type of person who trusts others first until they teach you differently? Or, are you the opposite and do not trust until they have earned your trust?

Everyone has different journeys in life.  These life experiences taught you good and hard lessons about trust. Humans who have experienced chaos, trauma or other disconcerting life experiences might feel uncertain about trusting others. 

People begin to feel trust when they can rely on one another.  Trust is built with consistency and when someone is true to their word.  Say what you mean and mean what you say is a good foundation for relationships and trust. 

There are many ways to become a trustworthy person 

Here are 7 top traits for developing trust and becoming more predictable:

  • Communicate in a clear, concise, and consistent manner
  • Set boundaries and parameters for the relationship up front
  • Admit you are human, be honest and realize you don’t have to have all the answers
  • Be vulnerable, put yourself out there even when you can’t control the outcome
  • Show respect and consideration with your words and your actions
  • Be authentic and sincere when connecting with others, show them that you care
  • Attempt to understand, be empathic, and put yourself in their shoes

The bottom line is to be predictable.  Let them know your boundaries and how they will be supported.  Stick with this pattern day after day so they can learn to anticipate and trust your responses.  Be their “steady state”.  Give them comfort with your consistency.  Trust does not happen quickly or easily.  It takes time.  That is why reliability and predictability increases trust.

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