Persistence is the Will to Stick with Your Dreams

Most people have dreams or some type of goals they want to achieve. These dreams might change often, or they might last a lifetime. Some dreams come true while others are never realized. It often takes hard work and persistence to achieve your dreams.  Persistence is the will to stick with your dreams.  It is the ability stay on track when the going gets rough.   

Realizing dreams takes creating the habits to get there. Habits are the things we do without much thought, they come naturally.  Do you currently have all the habits in place to make your dreams come true?  If the answer is yes, then, you are good to go.  If the answer is probably not, then you have work to do, just like most of us do.  

Habit of Repetition

The hardest habit to develop is the habit of repetition. Doing something new or difficult in order to create a new habit takes persistence.  As an example, the desire to run a marathon does not happen until one develops the habit of running long distances.  This new pattern creates the training needed to run that distance.   The secret of success is the repetition of the thoughts and actions to create that new habit.  It is through this repetition that you program your mind


The Mind Controls Behavior

Our mind controls our behavior and must be programmed to make change.  Normally, one will not achieve success by sticking with old thoughts and habits that do not work. There is a different way to achieve goals. Let go of the past and negative thoughts.     

Persistence is the will to stick with your dreams.  It is the ability to let go of old memories and to embrace new ideas and habits that can improve your health and fitness.

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  1. It’s quite evident that for dreams to become a reality, they need to be backed by disciplined habits, especially the habit of repetition. As you rightly mentioned, merely dreaming isn’t enough; it’s the consistent actions and the mental shift that brings those dreams to fruition. Thanks for sharing.

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