Knowledge Plus Action Helps Obtain Results

We have all heard the sayings, “Knowledge is Power”, “Continually learn new things”, and “Be the best learner you can be”.  These are all good statements, however, to really reach your potential, there is one element missing.  That element is taking the necessary steps. Knowledge plus action helps obtain results.

As an example, let’s say you have an ab routine, and it is not doing much for you.  You begin to learn more about different ab exercises.  You can learn from a coach or trainer, research online, or watch people at the gym.  You want to add these to or change your existing routine.  Making changes can improve impact.  Variety is the spice of life and that is how we thrive. 

Not only do you have to learn the new exercises, but you also have to take the action to physically do them over and over. This repetitive action will create new muscle memory so these exercises are as familiar to you as your old routine. 

Since learning gives you a different view, it is important to know your reasons for getting a new perspective.  Here are some questions for you to answer.

4 Questions:

What will I learn?

  • Clarify what it is you want to research

How will I use this information?

  • Understand that it combines both mental and physical aspects

Why will I use this?

  • Reach the results you are looking for

When will I use this?

  • Schedule time to act on the new knowledge

Even though learning gives you a new perspective, nothing will change if active steps are not taken. Knowledge plus action helps obtain results.

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