Learning Is HARD Work Most Days

I am not a technical person, but I am trying to improve my knowledge in this area.  I read articles, watch instruction videos, implement what I have learned just to find out I did not do something correctly.  Learning is HARD work!

Part of my personality is that I like the feeling of accomplishment.  I get up every morning with a list already created of the tasks and chores I need to do that day.  I thrive on getting my tasks done and checking them off my list so I have time to do things that are important to me.

Recently I had a hard day.  I was learning more about technology and was trying to create, link, opt in, embed, use java script, etc. and I could not get it to come out right.  For 4 hours I sat in the same place working, reading and learning. I was annoyed and not very patient.  Also, I was frustrated because I had not crossed one thing off my to do list!

Here are 6 things that could help turn your day around:

  • Take a break.  Get up, walk away, do another task (I mowed the yard)
  • Think with the logical part of your brain and not your emotional part
  • Do a self-sooth or self-care activity
  • Positive self-talk (this is hard work, I am doing ok, I just need a break)
  • Drink some water and eat a snack
  • Reach out, connect with others, ask for help

I went back later in the day to my technology task. It was not easier, but I had a clear head and positive outlook as I continued my learning.  I persevered, put in more time, and sought out help and guidance from others.  It was not an easy task for me.  Grit and persistence were helping me stick with my task. 

The good news is that with help I finally got the task completed and checked off my list.   When your learning is hard work, these might be helpful suggestions.

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