Be Uncomfortable to Get Comfortable

Your future starts today, not tomorrow.  One must be willing to put in the hard work now to reap the benefits. You have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable. 

I was listening to a podcast recently and the successful entrepreneur was talking about all the failures he faced on his journey.  He was talking about the concept of how nothing in life comes easily.  Many entrepreneurs fail before creating a successful business.  Athletes have struggles as they build their skills. Singers and actors are turned down repetitively before they find their way. They have all put in the time and taken the needed steps even though it was hard. 

People get so used to their habits and routines, that is why many people don’t want to make changes.  They do not like the uncomfortable feeling or uncertainty that change brings.  They avoid that discomfort today so their goals or “desired comfort” could be hard to reach.

When it is hard and overwhelming many don’t want to be uncomfortable. This is the time to focus on smaller commitments.  It is sometimes easier to get your head around being uncomfortable with small steps.   For someone who wants to work on their health journey, where is the right place to start?  That will look different for every person.  As an example, however, they might make these 3 small commitments to themselves.  1. Drink more water, 2. Walk daily, 3. No eating after dinner.

Set the stage for the commitments you make to yourself.  Since these are new habits post the three commitments around the house as reminders. Try the bathroom mirror so you can see them first thing in the morning.

The right thinking can enable you when you are feeling uncomfortable.  Don’t let your negative thinking disable you. 

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones:

  • Rather than saying, “I am tired, I will exercise tomorrow.”  
  • Try saying, “I will feel better now if I take a 10-minute walk.”

Humans are habitual creatures that have learned patterns of behavior.  As Warren Buffet said “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”  The heaviness is the discomfort we often want to avoid.  If you really want change, you have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I always enjoy reading your posts. This one rang true as I’ve been finding myself making a lot of excuses lately! Time to be accountable to myself for myself:)

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