Core Strength Allows the Body to Function Correctly

The core is the center of the body.  It consists of muscles in the midsection, spine, and pelvis. It also includes the muscles in the lower back, the side of the body and abdominal muscles. The core stabilizes the body for balance and assists as the body moves. Having a strong core is beneficial because core strength allows the body to function correctly.

Strengthening the core

There are many benefits to strengthening your core. A strong core helps with basic daily movements such as sitting, standing, dressing, and walking.  It also helps with:

  • Keeping a healthy back
  • Walking, doing sports, other activities
  • Maintaining good posture
  • Assisting in balance and stability
  • Preventing Injury

How to strengthen the core

Compound movements is one of the keyways to build core strength.  Compound movements work major muscle groups at one time, including the core.  Some of these movements include squats, pull ups, sit ups, shoulder press, to name a few.  Engaging the core is key when working other muscle groups. Here are a few compound movement examples.

  • Squats with weights in each hand, add an arm curl as you come back up
  • Overhead press while balancing on one foot, switch feet
  • Plank and scoot weight on floor from left to right with alternating hands

There are also many abdominal exercises where you can focus on your core muscles. Refer to 5 Main Reasons to Develop a Strong Core for 5 examples.  Also visit Time for a Fitness Life By Design Core Challenge and Fitness Life By Design Core Challenge Part 2 for additional ideas.

Having a strong core is crucial for simple daily movements.  Core strength allows the body to function correctly which becomes even more important as one ages. The time to strengthen the core is now.  I can help you get started on this essential journey.

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