Take the First Step Before You Know All the Steps

I am a planner.  I like to have things (activities, days, budgets) planned out ahead of time.  Planning helps me clarify expectations in my mind and helps me accomplish what I want or need to do. Planning is a helpful skill to have.  However, I have learned that you don’t have to know everything before you start or act.  It is valuable to take the first step before you know all the steps needed. 

When we travel across the United States in our Sprinter Van, Alice, we definitely start before knowing all the details of our trip. We have the big picture in mind; visit all 5 National Parks in Utah. The number of days at each park, order to visit them, hikes to take are all determined on the fly.  When mid afternoon rolls around, many times we don’t know yet where we will spend the night.  This style contrasts with having each day planned and planning how many nights will be spent at each location. 

Making it up as you go gives me a great sense of freedom.  It is exciting to step outside my planning comfort zone. Having the ability to spend an extra day, take the back roads, and live on the fly are welcomed experiences.

Reasons for Taking the First Step

Thinking about fitness, there are many reasons to not hold back or wait before starting. Some of the top reasons for taking the first step includes:

  • Feel success and a sense of accomplishment right from the beginning
  • Gather information and figure it out, practice problem-solving skills
  • Use previous experience as a guide, choose next steps from accumulated wisdom

Taking that first step can provide the motivation toward improved fitness. It is important to act, to take the first step before you know all the steps you will take. A coach can help keep you on track, provide accountability, and help develop the steps of your journey.

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