A Quick Fix is Not the Right Path

My grandson wants to be an electrician.  He knows that will not happen tomorrow or the next day.  His journey can be like many of ours which means a quick fix is not the right path.

He has a plan in mind and knows it will take months and years of training as he learns and masters his craft.  Some of his steps will include working in a warehouse to learn the parts and lingo and attending classes to gain knowledge. Then, being an apprentice in the field will take time, effort, and hard work. This will be a marathon, not a sprint. 

I use this analogy to demonstrate that most everything in life takes time. 

When people think about their fitness, sometimes they conceptually understand that they are on a journey.  However, some get frustrated in a short time frame when they do not see any change or progress. Their mind wants change now.  When the results don’t happen fast enough, one can feel disappointed and discouraged.   

Slow and Steady Wins the Race 

The journey is about enjoying the process.  Think about the words “Fitness Life By Design”.   

“By design” means that you make healthy choices intentionally.  It is a lifestyle choice vs. a quick fix.

Changing habits or changing lifestyle “by design” is hard work. The body will resist the change you want to make; it is hard to get out of our current comfort zones.  It takes time for our bodies to adjust and recalibrate.  However, once you do instill these new habits, it can become a way of life. 

Our struggles should not give us permission to stop the hard work. The hard parts are natural and are learning opportunities.  The struggles we face is another way of saying, “I did the best I could today, tomorrow I can try again”.

Some Ideas that Can Help Us Get Out of a Quick Fix Mindset

  • Become aware of your triggers.  What occurrences lead to your struggles?  When that begins to happen, what can you say to counterbalance it?  “Struggles are part of the journey; I am right on track.  Tomorrow I will focus on……”
  • Create structures to support your new habits. Structures include schedules, routines, and stacking new habits.
  • Develop non-negotiables. Tell yourself that you will no longer engage in negative self-talk.  Instead, you can say, “I am on a journey that will take many twists and turns and I am in it for the long haul”.
  • Set alarms on your phone as reminders.  “7AM drink water.” “8:30AM take a walk.” “2PM take deep breaths.”
  • Start with ONE item.  Pick a priority item and start there.  Do not work on getting enough sleep, drinking more water, walking, eating vegetables all at once.  Pick ONE and start there.  “I will walk 20 minutes 4 days a week” as an example.

Since a quick fix is not the right path to achieve your goals, recognize there is always work to do on the journey.  It is ok to ask for help as you strive to live your Fitness Life By Design.

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