Pay Yourself First Is an Important Concept

It is a known fact that paying yourself or taking care of yourself first pays off.  It is like the rules on the airplane.  Passengers put their oxygen on first before they help those around them.  Pay yourself first is an important concept when living a healthy life.  Healthy people prioritize the time needed to complete the tasks important to their lifestyle. 


An easy example of paying yourself first is your monthly budget.  Areas you will spend your money on might include housing, transportation, food, lifestyle, giving, debt, and insurance.  Where do you add savings?  Are savings (or paying yourself first) the first thing you do with your money? Or is it the last thing you do with the possible few dollars you have left over at the end of the month? 

Time is another area that you could pay yourself first.  We have many areas that consume our time.  Some of these might include work, family, chores, pleasure, faith.  If fitness is important, where would fitness fall on your list?  Do you schedule time on your calendar daily? Or is your calendar full and has little to no room for your fitness activities?

Meals could also be an area to review. Is time set aside to plan, shop, prepare and cook? Or are meals an afterthought and fast-food or junk food becomes the substitute for healthy eating?

What other areas are important to prioritize?   Some ideas might include:

  • Making choices as to how and who you spend your free time with
  • Having some me time or quiet time in your day
  • Carrying water to stay hydrated during the day
  • Lifting weights 2-3 times a week to maintain or build muscle mass

Pay yourself first is an important concept. In your busy life, it is easy for your other responsibilities to take precedence over your desire to pay yourself first. Where are you in your journey? Are you able to prioritize your health and fitness or, is it at times an afterthought?

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