Keep Persevering – Even With Only 13 Seconds on the Clock

The KC Chiefs continue to teach us valuable lessons, especially during a recent post season game.  If you are a Chiefs fan or watched the divisional game on Jan 23, 2022, you know it was a game for the history books.  Here is a quick summary.  With less than 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter the Chiefs were losing 26 to 29 against the Buffalo Bills.  Chiefs then scored a touchdown followed by the Bills scoring another touchdown.  There were now 13 seconds left in the game and the score was Bills 36 to Chiefs 33.  Some thought we had lost the game.  Many were so heartbroken they got up and left the stadium or turned off their TV’s. But the Chiefs knew the game was not over, they were able to keep persevering, even with only 13 seconds on the clock.

Both teams were great example of the term “keep persevering”. They had both played and fought hard and were physically exhausted, but the Chiefs took the field with determination on their faces.  To recap the last 13 seconds, the Chiefs drove down the field, kicked a field goal and tied the game.  Then, in overtime, scored another touchdown to win the game.  Final score was Chiefs 42 to Bills 36. 

The dictionary defines perseverance as “continues effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failures or opposition”.   There are so many lessons about perseverance in this game, but two really stand out. 

2 stories of Perseverance:

  • The kicker, Butker, made many points but, missed a field goal and touchdown extra point earlier in the game.  That is 4 lost points.  Then, with about 3 seconds left, the game rested on his shoulders.  Chiefs needed a field goal, 3 points, to tie the game. Butker makes the successful kick! When interviewed after the game he talks about his earlier failures and how he had to bounce back.  He said the failures were a blessing and helped him to think about what he needed to change and adjust.  He had to go back to his mental ques and focus on what he can control.
  • The entire team continued to fight no matter how many seconds were left on the clock.  13 seconds gave them all the time they needed to drive down the field, tie the game and go into overtime.  Coach Reed had some great quotes. He told the quarterback, “When it looks grim, be the grim reaper.” To the press he said, “The team was rowing the boat in the same direction”.  Every Chief persevered in the face of adversity.

The Chiefs had the right mind set or attitude to keep fighting.  They also had practiced and practiced these types of scenarios until they become natural. They were able to keep persevering, even with only 13 seconds on the clock.  Attitude and practice helped them believe they could “DO IT”.  (Thanks for a great season, Chiefs!)

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