Right Effort, Attitude and Action are in Place

These 3 simple words make all the difference between achieving and not achieving success. When the right effort, attitude and action are in place, then the desired results can be achieved.  These are three variables that you have total control over. Let’s look at each one.


Your exertion, elbow grease, or sweat are words to define effort. Effort has to do with how much work you put into something. It is how hard you are trying. If it is an easy task, it does not take much effort. If it is hard, it takes a great deal of effort


This is your mindset and thoughts about something or someone.  Your attitude makes you who you are, and it contributes a lot to the outcome you will get.  If you start a task with a positive attitude, then it is more likely you will get a positive result. Your results match the way you think about something. It helps to determine the outcome.


The process of doing something to achieve a goal is a way to describe an action. It is an activity that is performed. It can be a habit or routine. Action is a process, movement, or operation that is done physically or mentally. 

Here are two examples:

You ask your older daughter to mow the lawn. She loves being outside and wants to start her own moving business.  This makes her very motivated and happy to have the opportunity to practice.  She is working on having straighter lines when she mows.  Her result is a beautiful lawn, and she is thrilled.

You ask your younger daughter to mow the lawn.  She prefers the indoors and likes drawing and talking on her phone.  The bugs in the yard bother her and does not like to mow.  She is not happy, but she mows the lawn.  She puts very little effort in it as she hurries to finish.  The lines are wavy, and there are big places where she missed mowing the grass all together. 

When the right effort, attitude and action are in place it can make a huge difference on the outcome.  As you think about the results of your goals such as your bedtime routine, how would you describe your exertion, mindset, and activity?

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