Life Flows Like a Stream

Life flows like a stream.  I like that analogy.  As you follow a stream along it can resemble different sections of your life with lots of twists and turns along the way. It is amazing how streams are so different, as is our course in life.  Some streams start small and change course many times. (like the mighty Mississippi River in Lake Itasca, Minnesota.) Others are straight and direct.

As in life, the flow and the size of the water changes. Some sections are tranquil and quiet whereas other sections are full of turbulence.  There are times along the stream where you can see the terrain change, or you can sense or hear that a change is eminent.  These changes, sometimes waterfalls or sometimes rapids, can be hard to navigate or see the safe path to take.   

Isn’t life similar? Our lives have sections of comfort and routine and also sections of trials and turbulence.  We all have faced the rapids or the challenges.  We have been faced with great opportunities that are disguised as these seemingly impossible situations.  These adversities and challenges lead to new possibilities.  The new possibilities could resemble the magnificent endings of many rapids and waterfalls where you can find pools of quiet, calm waters.

When you reach this tranquil section, you know you have survived the trials and hardships.  Be comforted in knowing you have new possibilities that await you and enjoy the ride since life flows like a stream.

For another analogy on the journey of life, read Hikes and Life’s Lessons.

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