Failures Lead to Success

Do you believe that your failures and your successes go hand-in-hand? Do you believe that failure helps you to learn and improve? Failures are not final and they do not reflect your true worth.

Failures help with Success

I listen to several podcasts and hear a reoccurring theme. What I consistently hear is that people’s failures led to their great success.  Many people say they are glad they failed. They were not ready for their success at that time.

I heard this theme recently on CBS Sunday Morning.  A guest said that her failure made her stronger. She was more prepared for success after several failures.

I love these concepts.  Failure is part of our journey.  There are many benefits of failure.

Reasons that failure leads to success

Here are some reasons why failure leads to success:

  1. Opportunities to learn
    • Everyone fails.  When you have a set back do you; make excuses, blame others, or get stuck with that issue?  Or do you accept your failure, choose to learn from your mistakes, and have a willingness to try again?
  2. Key to success
    • Experiencing failure is not the end of the road; it is the beginning of a new road.  Failure allows you to try again.  You choose a new path or try a new method.  The most successful people have failed the most.  Accept failure, it is a natural part of your journey. Accepting failure is a great skill to acquire.
  3. Positive self talk
    • Failure gives you the opportunity to be human.  Humans make mistakes, humans have flaws, and humans are not perfect. Knowing that failures will happen and being prepared with what you will say to yourself is paramount.   Saying something positive and kind. Be objective about the situation, don’t be hard on yourself.
  4. Perseverance
    • The ability to keep trying, to brush yourself off, to pick yourself up, and to get back into the ring is the mindset needed for success.  The willingness to keep trying will lead you to the success you are worthy of achieving. People who have shared their stories of success, did not say they reached their level of success on the first try.  They talk about how they persevered, how they tried over and over, and how they learned from each attempt.   
  5. Problem Solving
    • Not being successful with one idea will help you to develop other techniques.  Looking at things outside the box, in a different light or from a different angle will help you dig deeper.  Problem solving, re thinking or researching options lead to success.

Failures are part of life

Failure is needed for success; it is a healthy part of life. Failure helps you navigate your journey to success.  Expect failures and take these opportunities to learn and grow.

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