What Type of Boat are You?

What type of boat are you? I know that is a funny question to ask.  I have been a boater for several years and started to think how boats represent different types of people.  These boats have similarities in that they can carry people and cargo and can be used for work or pleasure.  They also have big differences in how they move through the water.


A sailboat floats idly in the water while waiting for a strong wind to move it forward. 

The natural force of the wind propels the boat forward.  Unless there is a skilled sailor, the boat will go wherever the wind takes it. 


The canoe uses a paddle to move itself forward. It tips easily and keeps you off balance.  It is hard to stand up straight in the boat.  The canoe flows with the current and is hard to steer if you do not know how to maneuver it.  It is shaky and not very stable.


Finally, we have a motorboat.  This boat propels itself toward the destination with its own energy.  Putting the right type of fuel in its tank helps it to keep it running efficiently.  The journey is easy to steer and control.

Type of Boat

Now that you know the 3 boats I am thinking of, let me ask my question again.  What type of boat are you?  That answer probably depends on your season in life. We do enjoy sitting back, relaxing, and floating through portions of life.  Sometimes we face uncertainties and feel we have no control over our destination.  We feel shaky and unstable like the canoe. Other times we move toward our goal with clarity and passion. No matter how you answer that question or what type of boat you are, know that you have the power to control your destiny.

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