No I am not calling you “Sugar!”  That is not one of my terms of endearment that I use.  I like “honey” or “sweetheart.”  But now I am off track! The question is, how much sugar is in the container of yogurt you are eating?

Sugar in Yogurt

Years ago, my sister and I ate a little container of yogurt as part of our lunches in high school.  My mom would always say “Can you eat yogurt today?”  (This was always said in her mom voice and made us giggle)  She was always making sure we would eat the yogurt before it expired since she does not like nor eats yogurt.

Anyway, the yogurt that we ate for lunch was LOADED with sugar…I can’t believe we used to think we were eating something healthy.  It was anything but healthy! Here is a summary of recent research on yogurt. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/your-healthy-yogurt-might-be-full-of-sugar

Plain Greek Yogurt

Today, I ONLY eat plain, Greek yogurt and the type I buy has 4 grams of sugar in it.  That is much lower then the 24g we used to eat.  I challenge you to check the sugar content of the yogurt you are eating.  Yogurt with a fruit or flavor it in has considerably more sugar then plain yogurt does.

My granddaughter was over the other day and she wanted yogurt….she was bound and determined to eat yogurt.  I was trying to tell her that Grandma’s yogurt was different from the yogurt that she ate at home…but that did not deter her.   So I gave her some of my yogurt on a spoon and the face she made was so funny. 

Needless to say, plain, Greek yogurt is not my favorite taste either.  When I eat yogurt for breakfast I add many things to enhance the taste.  Here is of list of what I can add:  grapenuts or granola (again, look at the sugar content), banana, berries, almonds, flaxseed, etc.  It is very hardy and tastes much better then the plain yogurt.

Watch Other Products

I am not just picking on yogurt about the sugar content.  It is amazing how much sugar is in many of the prepared products.  I have found a BBQ sauce, catsup, relish, etc. with lower amounts of sugar and that is what I buy.   However, salsa, hummus and mustard are condiments I gravitate towards because they have 0 grams to very low amounts of sugar added.  However, it is hard to beat fresh, whole foods!

So, be sure and check the sugar content before buying yogurt and other products and “Can you eat yogurt today?”  (Giggles from my sister and me).

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