The Body Is Naturally Designed to be Active

The body is naturally designed to be active and in motion. It is a marvel of engineering.  From our agile limbs to our cardiovascular system, every aspect of our physiology is geared towards movement and physical exertion.

The human body has a remarkable skeletal system, consisting of bones, joints, and muscles that work in harmony to facilitate movement. Our muscular system, composed of more than 600 muscles, provides the power necessary for various physical activities. The flexibility of our joints enables a wide range of motions, while our bones offer support and protect vital organs. These structural adaptations lay the foundation for our active potential.

Add Movement

Since our bodies are naturally designed for an active lifestyle, here are 4 ideas on how to add movement into the day.  (Need more information or help with implementation? Reach out to me at Fitness Life By Design.)

  • Think of your morning routine.  Add in some stretching.  Stretch in bed before your feet hit the floor, stretch at the side of your bed before leaving the bedroom. Some stretching ideas are:
    • Raising hands and arms above head
    • Bending over and touching toes
    • Sitting on the side of the bed and moving the feet up and down
  • Take note of how much time one sits during the day.
    • Walk around the office or home after sitting for more than an hour while working, watching TV, sewing, reading a book, etc.
  • Make a habit of taking a walk every day or shorter walks a few times a day.
    • After breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    • First thing in the morning
  • Commit to a workout 2-3 times a week.
    • Go to the gym
    • Take an exercise class

Since the body is naturally designed to be active, embracing an active lifestyle can result in many physical and mental benefits.  Honor the gift of an active body and continue the journey of health, vitality, and fulfillment. 

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