Resistant Bands are a Great Option to Strengthen Muscles

Did you know that maintaining and growing muscle mass is one of the keys to aging in a healthy manner?  Lifting heavy weights is one method to develop muscles.  Another great alternative is using resistant bands. They provide similar gains when toning muscles.  They are great for workout variety and are light and easy to pack when traveling.  Resistant bands are a great option to strengthen muscles.

Changing body composition is the process of toning muscles and losing body fat. This process allows developed muscles to be seen on the surface of the body.  Resistant bands help tone by using similar muscle movements with less chance of injury from using hand weights. 

Bands are good for stretching which increases the body’s ability to move. They also activate the core muscles for better balance and steadiness, also known as stabilization.

10 Resistant Band Exercises

There are many resistant band exercises that strengthen and tone muscles.  For starters, the below list details 10 exercises.  Each can be repeated 10 or more times.

Wood Chopper

  • Place one foot on the center of the resistant band slightly bent, the other foot is one stride behind the body
  • Grip the handles with both hands
  • Place hands, holding the handles near a slightly bent knee
  • Pull the handles across body diagonally with arms extended to opposite shoulder
  • Engage core, use obliques to twist body
  • Return to starting position, switch sides

Triceps Kickback

  • Step in middle of band with both feet hip-width apart
  • Hold one handle in each hand so palms are facing body
  • Keep a straight back and hinge at the hips to lean torso forward
  • Tuck arms in at sides and bend elbows 90 degrees
  • Push handles back and up until arms are fully extended
  • Return to starting position


  • Hold band in each hand so there is no slack and some tension in the band
  • Stand with feet hip-width apart
  • Extend arms out straight in front of body, palms facing away from body
  • Keep arms straight and pull band apart and out to your sides to a T position, (with tension in the band, this will be a challenge)
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat this pull apart exercise with arms overhead

Bent-over Row

  • Step on resistance band with both feet hip-width apart
  • Hold one handle in each hand, palms facing each other
  • Bend knees slightly and push hips back to hinge torso forward
  • Back is flat and core is engaged
  • Arms hang straight down from shoulders, with slight elbow bend, arms tucked into sides
  • Pull your elbows straight up and bring band to chest
  • Lower back to starting position

Bicep Curl

  • Step on band with both feet hip-width apart
  • Hold one handle in each hand with arms down by sides, palms facing forward
  • Slightly bend knees, engage core
  • Pull band up toward shoulders into a bicep curl
  • Lower back to starting position

Overhead Press

  • Start with one foot forward, standing on top of band, the other foot back behind
  • Hold handles at shoulder heights with palms facing forward
  • Press band up and over head, extending both arms fully
  • Release back down to starting position

Lunge with Bicep Curl

  • Stand on center of band with left foot, right foot is about two feet behind
  • Hold handles with hands facing up
  • Perform a bicep curl while bending knees to lower into a lunge position
  • Repeat on other side

Squat and Overhead Press

  • Stand in middle of band, both feet are shoulder-width apart
  • Hold handles at shoulder height with palms facing out
  • Squat deeply and press arms over head
  • Keep weight on heels and push up against the resistance band, return to standing position

Crunch with Lat Pull Down

  • Loop center of band around a stable object like a table leg
  • Lie on back and hold handles with arms extended
  • Raise legs and bend knees so shins are parallel to the floor
  • Crunch upper body forward while drawing arms toward knees
  • Roll back to start position

Side Steps

  • Stand in middle of band, both feet are shoulder-width apart
  • Cross band and hold handles at hip height with palms facing in
  • Chest up, core engaged, slight bend in knees
  • Slowly step out to the side with right foot, stance is outside of shoulder width
  • Hold stance, then step left foot in same direction as right foot
  • Keep leading with the right and following with left until set is completed
  • Repeat on other side

There are several different methods to strengthen your body.  Since building strength is fundamental to being fit and healthy,  use a variety of equipment.  Resistant bands are a great option to strengthen muscles.

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