There is a New Symbol of Prestige

A new shiny sports car always catches my eye.  When I pass one on the road, I usually do a double take.  It is impressive to see and fun to look at.  I’m sure it is super fun to be in the driver’s seat!  Now however, there is a new symbol of prestige.

I recently saw a post; it said something to the effect that being healthy and fit after age 40 is the new version of prestige over owning a fancy sports car.  Health and fitness before and after 40 are what matters in life.

New Prestige

Some sports cars have vanity plates, license plates that reveal the pride or admiration for the car.  Fitness is not about vanity.  It is about being able to age gracefully.  Being fit allows one to function in everyday life.  It gives one pride in the fact that they can be active, care for themselves, or even keep up with the grandkids.

If fitness is your new symbol of prestige, you must commit to it.  Some people delegate activities to help them achieve their goals or manage their time.  They delegate tasks at work and home to fit everything in their day.  Delegating tasks to allow you to work on your fitness is perfect.  You must put in the time.  You are the one that must do the hard work so you can reap the reward.  If fitness is your new symbol of prestige, just like any goal, it can be achieved by focusing on three steps.

Achieve Your Goal

  • Desire or dream- see the future, visualize the picture
  • Plan or journey-take the steps toward the goal
  • Action or effort -do the hard work and be consistent

If you want fitness to be your new symbol of prestige, get rid of distractions and stay focused. A fitness coach can be part of the equation. 

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