People At The Gym

I go to the gym about 3 times a week to do my strength training. I like to watch the other people while I am there and I put them into different groups.  It is very entertaining!  Here are some of my groups.  What groups would you add?

Equipment Lovers

  • They love the equipment at the gym and think it is theirs.

Body Builder

  • They strut around the gym showing everyone their muscles on top of muscles

Noise Makers

  • No matter what they are doing, they are grunting and groaning out loud


  • They come to socialize and don’t get much of a workout in

Hit on the Cute Girls/Guys

  • They come to check out the cute girls and guys
  • They plan their activity so they just happen to cross paths at just the right time

I would rather not meet you

  • Always wear their ear phones
  • Never look you in the eye so you can smile and greet them

Selfie Taker

  • Their hair is fixed and are wearing make up
  • They take more pictures then they spend time working out

My Work Out is more important then yours

  • They over take the equipment you are using
  • They infringe on your area

Even though I might secretively put people in these categories, they are dedicated and come routinely to the gym. The gym gang is very entertaining and watching them keeps my workouts interesting!

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