Does your performance go down when your attitude is negative?

It can be said that attitude drives performance. Do you remember the childhood book, The Little Engine that Could? The littlest engine was able to get over the mountain because she believed she could do it.  She had the right attitude about what she was trying to accomplish.  I wonder if she would have made it if her attitude was different. Does your performance go down when your attitude is negative?

When you get negative or frustrated, what happens to your performance?  Does your negative self-talk reflect in your actions?  I see this at times in the fitness world.  Some people have not been living a healthy lifestyle for months or years but want to get healthy and change their bodies overnight.  When they do not see change at the fast pace they want, many get deflated, the negative self-talk takes over, and healthy habits fade.

Your performance can go down when your attitude is negative.  A true judge of a person’s character is during times of adversity or when things are not going their way.  Think of an Olympic athlete.  They reach this level of success not only from the hours of hard work, practice, and effort, but also from their attitude and belief in themselves. They can’t expect great things to happen if they have a negative attitude. 

Luckily, attitude is something we CAN control.  We can control how we view and think about things.  You can choose to have a positive attitude.  We have the power to decide how we will react even when things are not going as we have planned. 

Does your performance go down when your attitude is negative?  Our attitude can pick us up and change the way we view a situation.  It really can help when things are hard.  Having the right attitude helps us endure the hard work and achieve what we want.  

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