Be Vulnerable, Put Yourself Out There

Be vulnerable, put yourself out there “they” said.   What in the world do they (social media experts) mean?  So, I looked up vulnerability.  It is the emotion that we feel during times of risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure.  It is a feeling that makes us uncomfortable and gives us anxiety.  So, that phrase means to take a risk, do something outside of your comfort zone.  Do something new or something you have always wanted to do but did not have the courage.

Be Vulnerable

That is want I am doing with my blogs. I am doing something new and outside of my comfort zone.  I am not a writer; I am not a social media expert.  But I am trying, and I am putting myself out there one blog at a time. 

I have a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  I always have, I am just wired that way. 

My mission is to help others.  I have been a teacher most of my life.  I have taught students, teachers, principals, school districts, and managers on many topics.  I have also taught many people about fitness.  My “why” is to help others to live a healthier more active life.  I help them on their journey of change. The change that comes with being active, eating healthy, and being self-reflective.

Doing something you are not familiar with means you may fail.  You may fail and fall flat on your face. That is the time to celebrate.  Time to reward yourself for having the courage to take new risks. 

Some of my failures are in a word file on my computer named “Blog Bombs”.  That file consists of many intended blog posts that are terrible.  As my recently acquired editor would say “they are scattered, I am not sure what you are trying to say”.  My editor is my dear sister whom I have convinced to stop saying “I’m sorry” when she is critiquing my writing.  I “pay” her in energy balls.  Refer to my Blog on Peanut Butter Power Balls for the recipe.

Taking Risks

Taking a risk, I am sorry to say, can also lead to ridicule.  When we fail, sometimes others feel the need to talk about our failure, to mock us or laugh at us.  As you know, we can’t control what others say, but we can control our reaction to the ridicule.  My way of thinking is that if others are not out there being vulnerable with me, they are not taking risks and trying new things alongside me, then their opinion is of NO VALUE. 

When I try and fail with my social media, I KNOW I am learning.  Nothing is achieved without learning and failing.  Believe me when I say I have done a great deal of learning (failing) on this journey and will continue to do so. 


Be vulnerable, put yourself out there.  Are you willing to take the necessary risks?  Do you have the courage to go outside of your comfort zone?  If I had to guess, I would say yes.  Yes, you have the courage to try, to possibly fail, and to pick yourself up and try again!  What will you be vulnerable about?  If your journey is about fitness, I am happy to help.

For another story on vulnerability read Life’s Vulnerability and Walking with Bears.

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